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Body Protectors – A body protector MUST conform to (BS) EN 13158: 2009 or CSN EN 13158: 2009.

Skull Caps – All jockeys in Britain must wear a skull cap that meets either PAS015:2011 or (BS) EN 1384: 2012. The latter standard will be withdrawn as an acceptable standard under the Rules of Racing from 1st January 2017.

At a recent welfare and safety summit in the United States, a presentation was given by Dr. Carl Mattacolla who had tested a variety of skull caps. As a consequence of the results, riders are advised to ensure any skull cap they wear meets the PAS015:2011 standard.

To the best of our knowledge, the only skull caps that currently meet this standard are the Charles Owen helmets, Champion Ventair and KEP Italia. We understand other manufacturers are undergoing testing to meet the PAS015:2011 standard but we are not aware of the results.

If anyone would like to look at the results, they can be found in the Morning Presentations by clicking here.

In the event of the MRB not being available, a rider will not be permitted to ride. There will be a provision made for riders who do not have their MRB due to extenuating circumstances. More details to follow.

Spurs of any type will not be allowed.

In the event of a false start, horses will return to the start and a standing start will be activated.

In a welcome change, this year the cost of RQCs has been reduced to £182.67 from £199.00 following a thorough tender and renegotiation process with insurance brokers.

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