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Junior Jockey School

News by Anna Saunders

The Midlands Area are promoting Pony Racing, for this coming season, aimed at children on genuine Hunting and Pony Club – type Ponies. Last season the Melton Hunt Club ran a series of hugely successful  rallies under the Belvoir Pony Club umbrella, with a race for those that wanted to take part at the Melton Hunt Club, Point-to-Point. What a fantastic sight it was to see the children experiencing the thrill, on ponies of all shapes and sizes.

This coming season the Pytchley and Fernie Hunts, along with the Melton Hunt Club will be holding races at their Point-to-Points, aimed at Hunting / Pony Club – type Ponies and Children.

The Pytchley will be holding the first ‘Junior Jockey School’ rallies on Oct 22nd and 27th, at Grange Farm, Teeton. By kind invitation of Tik Saunders. It will give the children a taster, and work towards the Intro to Pony Racing Badge. For more information or to book a place contact – Bethen Rendle bethrendle@btinternet.com.

It will be lots of fun. The children will get instruction on the Equicisor, Space Hopper Racing for balance, Learn to bridge there reins, and experience going on the gallops…… This previous seasons children got the bug!  No expensive equipment is needed, just a neck strap!

The Melton Hunt Club / Belvoir Pony Club, will be holding rallies in the new year, at Chris and Antonia Bealbys yard near Grantham. Please contact Frankie Fletcher for information. frankiefletcher@btinternet.com

To qualify to ride in a race, the children will need to have attended 4 Pony Club Rallies, of which 1 must have been jumping, or been out Hunting 4 times. The Pony will need to have up to date Flu and Tetnus Vaccinations.

We look forward to seeing you…. Come and give ‘Junior Jockey School’ ago.

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