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Annual Awards Survey Results

News by Nico

The results from the annual awards party survey are in. We were asked to leave the survey open for as long as possible but as people are now asking about the results and how we are going to act upon them we decided it is time to share the results.

It is not a massive sample I’m afraid, and it is clear from the data that some people repeated the survey several times to emphasise their point, which is a shame.

Anyway, here we go!

Midlands Pointing survey - age group results

Age groups of our respondents

Midlands Pointing survey - should we have a party?

An overwhelming vote in favour of some sort of party

Midlands Pointing survey - when should we have the party?

A strong majority in favour of a party at the end of the season

Midlands Pointing survey - preferred food type

A majority would like food at a table

Midlands Pointing survey - when should the party be?

Most respondents want an evening party

Midlands Pointing survey venue

A vote for the party to be at a course, with Barnsdale Lodge in second place. 18 votes for the party to remain where it is.

Midlands Pointing survey dress code

A narrow win for black tie, with smart casual close behind.

Midlands Pointing survey cost of tickets

People are clearly prepared to pay for a good party

Midlands Pointing survey party format

The majority want a black tie party, but a significant number would prefer a more casual affair.

There are some interesting contradictions among these results. For example, it seems that people want an evening party, in black tie, at a Point-to-Point course somewhere – which would make a lot of work. A marquee would need to be sited on flat ground which would limit the choice of venues. It also seem as though there is a sizeable group who would happily opt for something more casual, perhaps immediately after a days’s racing at the end of the season.

I hope that these results prompt a discussion about the format for next year’s party. Feel free to leave a comment but remember to be polite and respectful.

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