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Fitzwilliam pony racing cancelled

News by Nico

“ The Pony Racing scheduled to take place at Dingley on Saturday 27 May has been cancelled. As a result of extensive watering of the Point-to-Point course prior to the Fernie meeting there on May 7, some damage was caused to parts of the adjacent pony racing track, which unfortunately caused the cancellation of Pony Racing at that meeting in the interests of childrens’ safety. Due to more recent wet weather conditions, it has not subsequently proved possible to repair this damage to the pony racing track, and hence the Pony Racing at the Fitzwilliam meeting on 27 May has also had to be cancelled on safety grounds. The Fitzwilliam Point-to-Point itself will go ahead as normal on May 27 – first race 2pm – with good going expected.”

Issued by Joe Cowen Chairman of Dingley

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