Pony Racing Championship Results

pony racing by Anna Saunders

The Results from the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Championships so kindly sponsored by Treehouse Sporting Colours, Mangan & Webb Saddlery and Fergal O’Brien Racing are as follows:

The Meynell Race

1st   Blaze N Daze    –  Lily Diggle.  2nd  Liscuib Shoot The Star – Paddy Barlow.  3rd  Pick Pocket – Nia Kerslake.  4th Madame Mimi – Henry Main

138 cms Treehouse Sporting Colours Final

1st Wernlas Shakira – Ellie Miller.  2nd  Lucky Lou – William Jones.  3rd  Zebedee – Millie Jones.  4th  Blue – Charlie Maggs

148 cms Treehouse Sporting Colours Final

1st  Highmead Reflection – Chloe East.  2nd Belle Vittesse – Millie Parrington.  3rd Exquisite Midget – Charlotte Tindale.  4th  Special Formula – Caitlin Stocks

138 cms Mangan & Webb Open Championship Final

1st Push The Button – Thomas Bradburne.  2nd Fair And Square – Camilla Broster.  3rd  Crofthill Montague – Jack Dace.

148 cms Mangan & Webb Open Championship Final

1st Miss Wonderful – Violet Barton.  2nd Tiny Dancer – Paddy Barlow.  3rd  A Brick In The Wall – Toby Wynne.  4th  Carrowmeer  Nick – Sarah Longthorn


The Midlands Area Leading Pony Race Jockey  –  Joint Winners – Violet Barton and Nia Kerslake


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The Official Photographer  On Course 

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