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5lb Allowance for Novice Riders

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There has been some confusion over the past few weeks concerning the 5lb allowance for novices who have won 5 or fewer races.  It only applies to Open Races as last year (there were discussions to widen its scope).

N.B. I realise that the language is confusing, and the error in Regulation 75 causes further doubt but rule has not changed from last year.

N.B. 2. I am aware there are quite a few errors in Regs and Instructions which we are trying to rectify.  For next season this will be improved by a better timeline, and in medium term I hope to have a complete rewrite in place before too long.

5 lb Allowance for Novice riders

  • This is for those novice riders who have not won more than 5 races prior to the Thursday before the stated date of a Point-to-Point
  • It is only applicable for Open races (less the 4 Classics.  NB there are no penalties or allowances for the 4 classics)

There has been some confusion about the 5 lb allowance for novice riders due to misinterpretation of the rules and an error within regulation 75.

  • Page 8 of the Planner headed Penalties, is correct but may seem confusing as point (vii) is only applicable to point (i) – i.e. Open Races
  • Regulation 75 needs addition on first line of page 103.  It should read …outlined in sub regulation (i) …

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