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Dingley Preparations

News by Anna Saunders

Dingley Racecourse is hosting the Fernie Point to Point on Sunday 5th May and produce this update.“ The course was scariflexed and rolled on Sunday morning straight after racing whilst the moisture was in the ground after watering for Easter Saturday. The course will be topped tomorrow and a pasture slitter will be run over the track on Sunday to open up the ground.There is rain in the forecast and lower temperatures for next week.The course will be watered from Monday 29th onwards and there is sufficient water in 2 lakes to draw from.The tanker has been changed to ensure even watering also.The course will be watered to produce ground ‘as good as possible ‘ for Sunday 5th as is usually the case at Dingley.The organisers are also requesting that the course is not walked earlier than Friday pm or Sat am to allow accurate assessments of Sunday’s ground.Further updates will be made early next week”

Charles Millington Clerk of Course

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