Watering at Garthorpe Point-to-Point course


News by Anna Saunders

Everything is in place at Garthorpe to irrigate the course for the Quorn fixture on 28th April.  We are fortunate to have a very good irrigation system at Garthorpe which provides an even distribution of water. Combine this, with Brian Crawford’s expert knowledge on watering this course to provide good safe ground. There is some light rain and cooler weather forecast next week – it’s looking positive.

All the bends and fences have been moved to the centre of the course providing fresh ground.  Both the Jumps and Flat Courses will be watered.

We have every intention to provide GOOD ground for the 28th.  Watering will take place from Tuesday until 3pm Sat. The course is being mown this week-end and there is excellent grass cover with fresh ground around the whole course.

Garthorpe will provide regular reports this week.

Nick Connors (Chairman)

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