Point-to-Point racing

New promo videos for Point-to-Point racing

News by Nico

The PPA have released some new videos to promote Point-to-Point racing and we encourage all our readers to share them as they see fit.

Dingley features prominently!

There is one longer one… (https://youtu.be/COvjBy_gsC4)

and three shorter ones.

“Crowd” (https://youtu.be/kj3IR0TAbc8)

“Betting and racing” (https://youtu.be/9SDmKTEnjDo)

and “Entertainment” (https://youtu.be/KcnZBU9yDM8)


  1. I loved you videos promoting Point to Pointing however, I was desperately saddened not to see a single ethnic minority person in the video. I do not think a sport can legitimately claim it is open to everyone, when your videos promoting that sport so obviously omits all persons of colour. Please consider this comment a complaint.

    1. Author

      First of all it is not our video, as stated clearly in the post. Secondly, I fear that these videos are broadly representative of the meetings at which they were filmed and in no way were minorities omitted.
      If you wish to complain I suggest the makers of the video would be a good starting point.

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