Testing the going


News by Anna Saunders

GOING –  GOOD to FIRM – Will WATER as necessary to achieve/improve and, then, maintain.

WEATHER –   Only a little rain since MHC Meeting on 12 May with the last few days being warm and dry.

The forecast is changeable with some rain about after this weekend – we will update this as the forecast become more certain.

WATERING –   The course will be watered from Monday 27th with the intention of producing safe jumping ground as close to GOOD as practical.

COURSE LAYOUT –Fences moved towards to the inside by at least 12 feet to ensure fresh ground. Fence 8 – (Known as downhill fence) moved to the end of the back straight (as in previous years for this meeting).

Bends all moved in too to provide maximum amount of fresh ground and racing line.

Course at its shortest and all fence by-passing will be to the outside.

MORE INFORMATION – For any further Going/Weather updates please contact Brian Crawford – Clerk of the Course – 07721 660162 or, failing him, call the Secretary – Charlie Moore – 07764 255500. Please be mindful about the times of your calls. We are all volunteers and have ‘day jobs’ too. Brian Crawford will update on Tuesday.

TIME OF REPORT/UPDATE – Friday 24 May at 12.30pm.

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