Watering at Garthorpe Point-to-Point course

Garthorpe Going

News by Anna Saunders

GOING –  WATERING is still in progress, on the racing line, with the aim to deliver SAFE   Jumping ground as close to GOOD as practical. The Local Course Inspector was  impressed with the  irrigation efforts and results when he walked the course yesterday

WEATHER –       With the exception of a light shower on Wednesday night the rain and showers have by-passed Garthorpe which    remains dry and breezy. Friday – dry with Temps 19-20’C in south westerly breeze. Warm on Friday night with  Saturday warmer, 22-24’C and light southerly wind

WATERING –     Watering commenced on Tuesday and will continue until late today (Friday). If the forecast remains for Saturday to be a hot day, then there will be some light selective watering on Saturday morning to help maintain moisture levels. Only the Racing Line is being watered.

COURSE LAYOUT –Fences moved towards to the inside by at least 12 feet to ensure fresh ground. Fence 8 – (Known as downhill fence) moved to the end of the back straight (as in previous years for this meeting) Bends all moved in too to provide maximum amount of fresh ground and racing line Course at its shortest and all fence by-passing will be to the outside.

MORE INFORMATION –For any further Going/Weather updates please contact Brian Crawford – Clerk of the Course – 07721 660162 or, failing him, call the Secretary – Charlie Moore – 07764 255500. Please be mindful about the times of your calls. We are all volunteers and have ‘day jobs’ too.

RACING IN HOT CONDITIONS –All participants are asked to help monitor their horses throughout the day and to bring ample cold water and washing off kit with them. Veterinary help and advice will be on had at all times

TIME OF REPORT/UPDATE –      6.00am – Friday 31st June    

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