Return of Spectators to Point-to-Point Racing

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a summary of FAQs relating to the return of spectators from 17th May 2021 in England.

For further information, please contact your local Point to Point directly.

Details of fixtures close to you can be found here Fixtures, Weatherbys Point- to-Point (

When can I go point to point racing?

From Monday 17th May.

Actual numbers will vary by fixture given local public health and safety authorities must approve plans.

Where are the first meetings?

Bratton Down in Devon on Monday 17th May.

All other fixtures can be found here Fixtures, Weatherbys Point-to-Point (

Will I be able to buy tickets on the day?

No walk-up tickets will be available and all tickets must be purchased in advance of
the raceday. Please visit the local or area website of the fixture you wish to visit. This is to comply with Government guidance and test and trace regulations which remain an important part of the national roadmap to recovery.

Is there any advice on transport to the racecourse?

Spectators are welcome to travel to and from the raceday by any form of transport, although private transport is preferred given the reduced risk of Covid-19 transmission. Ample parking is available at all fixtures.

Will cash be accepted?

Yes, for use at bookmakers and catering units/ trade stands.

Once through the entrance can I visit all parts of the racecourse?

The majority of outdoor spaces will be open to you to enjoy your raceday. There will be some limitations, such as around and in the Parade Ring and all integrity areas.

What should I do if I have any symptoms of Covid-19 prior to raceday?

If you or a member of your household are displaying any acknowledged symptoms of Covid-19 prior to raceday please do not come racing until 10 days following your first sign of symptoms.

Will my temperature be checked on arrival?

As a rule fixtures will not be checking temperatures of any spectators although local variances may occasionally apply.

What is the Code of Conduct? Does it apply to me?

The Code of Conduct is a shared responsibility between the fixture and you, the racegoer, regarding behaviour whilst on-course.
The Code of Conduct is an important part of our ability to reopen and welcome
significant numbers of spectators so it is vital that you familiarise yourself with it in advance. It is a condition of your ticket purchase that you adhere to the code. A copy can be found on your ticket and will be provided with your purchase confirmation.

What is the situation regarding Parade Ring access for racehorse owners?

Each fixture will have a specific Parade Ring capacity
limit based on the size of the area, number of runners and the ability to safely social distance. Whilst each fixture will try to safely accommodate the maximum number of people within the Parade Ring, this number will vary by racecourse and by race. There is no definitive standard.

Will I be able to place a bet when on-course?

Yes, we are pleased to confirm on-course bookmakers will be in attendance. The number of positions available will vary across all fixtures due to individual capacity calculations.

Will I need to wear a face covering?

In line with Government advice, face coverings will only be required in indoor settings. The only outdoor settings at a fixture where face coverings will be required is the Parade Ring, horsewalks and the start due to the protection protocols put in place for the
benefit of racing’s participants. However, for your own protection everyone should bring face coverings and wear them if requested if it becomes clear that some areas are becoming congested.

Will I be able to buy food and beverages on site ?

Fixtures will offer a variety of catering facilities and you may of course bring your own picnic.
Where bars are provided it will be a takeaway service only.

Can Children attend ?

Yes, they will need to be registered and have a ticket. U16 accompanied children are FREE

Can I take my Dog?

Yes please keep them on leads and under control at all times.

Can I walk the Course ?

This will be up to each local fixture and is normally perfectly acceptable before racing starts.

Will I get a race card ?

Race cards and race sheets will be available and in the majority of cases are included in the admission price and will be handed out on the gate on arrival.

Will I be able to sanitize my hands at the racecourse?

Yes, hand sanitation facilities will be available at all fixtures. Staff have also been trained to be Covid-
19 secure and are fully aware of the health and safety protocols needed to reduce risk.

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