200 years of racing at Brocklesby

Brocklesby set to celebrate 200 years of racing in 2022

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On the 5th March 2022, the Brocklesby point-to-point will take place, marking 200 years of horse racing on the estate.

Prior to the 19th century several unofficial matches took place, but the earliest recorded race took place on 27th March 1821. The course was over ten miles and seventy fences, and the race was won by Mr Frank Isles mare Pilgrim, ridden by Mr Tom Brookes (the weight was fourteen stone).

In 1835 the Brocklesby Union Hunt Club was formed, and official meetings took for the next one hundred years. Initially the races were steeplechases from one landmark to another, but in 1839 a 4-mile circular course was laid out in a similar location to the present point to point course. Meetings later took place on a permanent course close to Brocklesby Station.

Official National Hunt meetings continued with occasional lapses until 1935, with hunt races taking place again from 1937 to 1939. In 1943 the course was disbanded, and the stands, buildings and racecourse equipment were sold which brought an end to the era of National Hunt racing at Brocklesby.

Point-to-Point races were revived after the war and took place on a course near Swallow until 1957. In 1958 the meeting was moved to the current course.

There have been many remarkable stories and feats of racing glory – not least of the hunter Frog Hall who ran in the members race every year from 1970 to 1979 winning the Lincolnshire Grass Driers Cup – for the heavyweights carrying fourteen stone- in 1978.

(With thanks to Chris Pitt for permission to use information from his book “A Long Time Gone”)

We are planning a small exhibition associated with meeting and would like to hear anyone who has any photographs, old race cards or any other memorabilia associated with the Brocklesby Point to Point. Contact Rosie James (rosemary@ivyhouse.org.uk) or Emily Swift (e.swift@brocklesby.co.uk)

Brocklesby in 1922

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