Additional Skull Cup Specifications


As from the 1st Jan 2017, the BHA have given notification of an amendment to the Regulations;

which outlines three additional Skull Cap specifications.

These additions are

  •  SNELL E2001 (a pattern accepted in other Equine Disciplines within Europe),
  • VG1 01.040 2014-12
  • UTAC/CRITT 04/2015 (Patterns currently accepted in Ireland).

Stewards and Riders have been notified of the above, and I hope that you don’t mind forwarding this notice to fixture secretaries in your area to make them aware.

There are 7 areas yet to commence the season with a fixture and therefore Instruction 7.6 will apply:

Organisers staging a Point-to-Point Area’s first meeting of the season must arrange for skull caps to be checked at their fixture’.

We will liaise with affected fixtures to ensure that they are aware and further advised if they have any queries.

Please note that we are merely notifying you of the above, and  there is no requirement for continued monitoring of skull cap specifications as Regulation 115 (ii) indicates, it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that he / she is mounted on the horse with a correctly fitting skull cap of an BHA approved specification.

I have taken the opportunity to attach some documentation for your perusal in connection with the change in permitted helmet standards.  There are two papers from BETA which offer guidance on the standards and the selection of helmets.  The flow chart was produced to assist with the checking of helmets.

It would appear that the majority of jockeys/riders are already using PAS015 helmets/skull caps in anticipation of EN1384 being withdrawn which is excellent.

If any of the above is unclear please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Shelley Coles, Liaison Assistant, Tel: 01793 781994, E-mail:

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