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All Photographers/Videographers unless the Point-to-Point Area’s Official Photographer/Videographer must apply to a representative of each Organising Committee for permission to take photographs at a Point-to-Point fixture. Each fixture should provide them with an outline of what will and will not be permissible.


The Organising Committee should include the following conditions in the documentation which is sent to Photographer/Videographers/videographers:

  • The Organising Committee reserves the right to charge a fee of [enter appropriate amount] for each fixture which is attended by the Photographer/Videographer
  • Photographers/Videographers must provide evidence that they hold public liability insurance to a minimum of £1 million.
  • Any permission given to either press or commercial Photographers/Videographers (irrespective of those provided with Area or National Passes) is at the discretion of the Organising Committee (unless other accreditation arrangements are in place).
  • Without such permission/approval no Photographer/Videographer may display or publish images/footage for sale and if found doing so will be asked to remove them and will be reported to the Point-to-Point Secretaries Association.
  • Identification can be issued by a representative of the Organising Committee and, must be always worn
  • All Photographers/Videographers entering a Point-to-Point will be subject to the Fixture’s Terms and Conditions of Entry
  • All directions given by the Clerk of the Course or other meeting official(s) must be complied with
  • Photographs cannot be taken in the Weighing Room/Tent, Parade Ring or Winners’ Enclosure or any other area specified by the Organising Committee without prior approval.
  • The Organising Committee reserves the right to restrict the number of Photographers/Videographers in unsaddling enclosure or any other area as deemed appropriate.
  • Photographers/Videographers must not solicit names/addresses of owners, trainers, jockeys or other connections unless permission is given by a representative of the Organising Committee.
  • The use of flash photography is strictly forbidden except during presentations in low light conditions.
  • Photographers/Videographers are asked to refrain from photographing/filming injured, distressed or dead horses. Photography of ongoing medical or veterinary treatment is not permitted at any time.
  • Photographers/Videographers must have regard at all times to the safety of all people in the area where the photograph is being taken, particularly in the unsaddling enclosure – DO NOT request that stable staff turn a horse around when there are other people in the area.
  • The racecourse reserves the right to request copies of any pictures which might be used by the stewards for the purpose of any inquiry being held without the Organising Committee or British Horseracing Authority being liable to make any payment.
  • Every Photographer/Videographer operates entirely at their own risk and the Managing Executive will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to the Photographer/Videographer or any equipment howsoever the same may arise.
  • Permission to take photographs/video does not confer any exclusive rights.
  • Amateur Photographer/Videographers must abide by the terms and conditions of entry and the PPSA amateur photography guidance notes below.

Point-to-Point Organising Committee Obligations

The Organising Committee or their nominated representative must ensure that all approved Photographers/Videographers are aware that:

a) Photographers/Videographers may not position themselves on the racing surface*, or on or above the take-off or landing side of a fence, and are to remain on the outside of any running rail and are not to lean over or from under a running rail;

*Note: The surface is deemed as the course in use for that race. This also includes any bypass of a fence, whether it is in use or not. For Point-to-Point Flat races, all Photographer/Videographers must be behind a running rail.

b) Photographer/Videographers must not stand behind or in any wing of a fence or protrude a camera through any part of a wing or stand between a double rail;

c) no remote cameras are to be attached to any wing of a fence;

d) no remote cameras to be placed on the take-off side of a fence, except in a ditch or behind or in the wing on the non-bypass side. Remote cameras may be positioned on the landing side of a fence, within and no further than six inches from the base of fence frame;

e) tripods and ladders must not be used before or for 30 yards after a fence on the side of the rail marking the layby of that fence. The top step/platform of the ladder must not be higher than the running rail;

f) Photographers/Videographers using a ladder must remain static on the ladder until all runners have gone past the site of the ladder;

g) camera support spikes and mini-tripods may be used but the camera lens must be behind the line of the running rail upright;

h) photography inside the winner’s enclosure is to be restricted to those who are authorised by the Organising Committee.

i) photography is not to take place in the Weighing Room/tent or Parade Ring, except with the permission of a representative of the Organising Committee.

j) flash photography of horses is not permitted. Flash photography may be allowed in specific areas or in adverse light conditions, with permission of a representative of the Organising Committee.

k) photography of ongoing medical or veterinary treatment is not permitted. Specific examples where photography is not considered acceptable, although the list is not exhaustive, include horses or riders undergoing treatment when screens have been erected, the interior of an ambulance when a patient is on board, and inside designated treatment areas for both humans and equines.

The above obligations may be supplemented at individual fixtures by any special additional instructions as considered necessary to safeguard riders and horses before, during and after races, and particularly before and after fences.

Any dispensations to these obligations require written permission from a representative of the Organising Committee in advance.

Amateur Photography/Videography

Amateur Photographers/Videographers are only permitted to take photographs in the areas normally open to the public and should not encroach upon areas specifically designated for or used by professional Photographers/Videographers. As such, it is advised that they not be given accreditation to do so.

A notice is to be included in racecards* warning amateurs of the restrictions placed upon them, and that the use of flash equipment is not permitted.


 Any instances of Photographer/Videographers who do not comply with this guidance document should be reported by the Organising Committee to the Point-to-Point Secretaries Association and further action may be taken.

Representatives of the Fixture’s Organising Committee may find it beneficial to provide all Photographer/Videographers and Videographers with a copy of this guidance document and to advise them to comply with the provisions contained within.

Organising Committees representatives should inform their Area Secretary of any Photographer/Videographer or member of the press, who has been the cause of disruption at any race day for onward dissemination to the British Horseracing Authority via the Point-to-Point Authority.

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