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Horses & Riders must have Hunters/Riders certificates from Hunts within the Midlands Area and points can only be accrued within the Midlands Area.

1. LEADING HORSE – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.).

Mr J. Chatfeild- Roberts – Warden Hill

Mr B. Fox – Dido

Mr J. Chatfeild-Roberts – Love Manhattan.

An owner must compete with each horse individually for the trophy and cannot aggregate points scored by other horses within their ownership.

2. LEADING OWNER/TRAINER/RIDER/FAMILY CONCERN – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.)

Mr J. Chatfeild-Roberts –  Warden Hill

Mr J. Chatfeild-Roberts – Love Manhattan

Mr T. Strawson – Something Wonderful

3. GENTLEMAN RIDER – For the Johnny Wrathall Memorial Trophy (kindly presented by Mrs Pam Saunders).

Mr T. Strawson

Mr D. Peters

Mr T. Chatfeild-Roberts

Mr T. McClorey

4. LADY RIDER – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.).

Miss S. Walker

Miss L. Wheeler

Miss J. Hewitt

5. NOVICE RIDER – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.)

Mr R. Bevin

Miss S. Walker

Mr W. Thirlby

A Novice Rider is defined as having ridden no more than 5 Winners, under the Rules of any recognised Racing Authority (Point to Points and Arab Races Included) up to and including 26th November 2016.

6. THE ROWAN COPE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (For a notable riding achievement throughout the season).


7. OVERALL LEADING RIDER – For the Tim Moloney Memorial Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.).

Mr T. Strawson


8. NOVICE HORSE – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.).

Open to horses who at the start of the 2016/17 Point-to-Point season are maidens under all codes of racing.

Mr M. Robinson – Hurricane Vic & Mr R. Armson – Max O

Mr D Peters – Wither or Not.


9. LEADING MARE (kindly presented by Dodson & Horrell).

Mrs S. Smith – Quizzacle Nomad

Miss S. Walker – Missola Bird

Mr J. Weatherby – Chipmunk

10. THE MARK ASHTON ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (kindly presented by The Mark Ashton Trust and David Ingle).


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Owners & Riders taking part in this championship will score points for first, second and third places. In the event of a dead heat in a particular race, the points for those positions will be added together and divided equally between them. In the event of a dead heat for a trophy, the winner shall be decided according to the most wins attained. If the number of wins are equal, then a dead heat shall be declared.

Prizes for the above winners and runners up will be presented at the Midland Point-to-Point Area Dinner Dance – Saturday 23rd September at Shearsby Bath Hotel.

Tickets available from: Tik Saunders, 07970-667852.  [email protected] or Nicola Hewitt 07818-028863