Horses & Riders must have Hunters/Riders certificates from Hunts within the Midlands Area and points can only be accrued within the Midlands Area.

LEADING HORSE – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.).

An owner must compete with each horse individually for the trophy and cannot aggregate points scored by other horses within their ownership.

Bask in The GloryThe Hunter family6
Volnay de ThaixMrs Judy Wilson6
Early RetirementThe Hunting Partnership6
Minella WizardMrs Judy Wilson6
Nicki's NipperClare Pickering6

LEADING TRAINER – For a Trophy (kindly presented by the estate of the late Fred Roughton)

Stuart Morris20
Dale Peters14

LEADING OWNER/TRAINER/RIDER/FAMILY CONCERN – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.)

LADY RIDER – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.).

GENTLEMAN RIDER – For the Johnny Wrathall Memorial Trophy (kindly presented by Mrs Pam Saunders).

Jack Andrews18
Dale Peters10
Tom McClorey4

NOVICE RIDER – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.)

A Novice Rider is defined as having ridden no more than 5 Winners, under the Rules of any recognised Racing Authority (Point-to-Points and Arab Races Included) up to and including 17th November 2018

(1st – 3 Points, 2nd – 2 Points, 3rd – 1 point)


THE ROWAN COPE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (For a notable riding achievement throughout the season).

OVERALL LEADING RIDER – For the Tim Moloney Memorial Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.)

NOVICE HORSE – For a Perpetual Trophy (kindly presented by M.A.P.P.A.).

Open to horses who at the start of the 2017/18 Point-to-Point season are maidens under all codes of racing.

LEADING MARE (kindly presented by Dodson & Horrell).

THE MARK ASHTON ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (kindly presented by The Mark Ashton Trust and David Ingle).

(b)Rider:ALL RACES421

Owners & Riders taking part in this championship will score points for first, second and third places. In the event of a dead heat in a particular race, the points for those positions will be added together and divided equally between them. In the event of a dead heat for a trophy, the winner shall be decided according to the most wins attained. If the number of wins are equal, then a dead heat shall be declared.