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Notes on Schooling Races/SchoolingTrials

Garthorpe has just run a couple of very successful schooling races/trials at the end of the race day, and more may appear at future fixtures in the area.  The Point-to-Point Authority treats Schooling Trials according to PPAGI 1- Race Framing Appendices 6 and 7.  In effect they are like Charity races/Hunt scurries, which need clearance […]

5lb Allowance for Novice Riders

There has been some confusion over the past few weeks concerning the 5lb allowance for novices who have won 5 or fewer races.  It only applies to Open Races as last year (there were discussions to widen its scope). N.B. I realise that the language is confusing, and the error in Regulation 75 causes further […]

Reminder to jockeys: 3lb back protector allowance this season

Jockeys have been given 1lb extra weight allowance at scales owing to increased weight of new, enhanced body protectors From 1 October 2018, the minimum acceptable standard for a safety vest (body protector) for race riding for jockeys of all disciplines will be increased. As a result, all jockeys will be required to wear the […]

Point-to-Point Media Guidelines 2018 Season

POINT-TO-POINT SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION GUIDANCE NOTES PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHERS & VIDEOGRAPHERS Introduction All Photographers/Videographers unless the Point-to-Point Area’s Official Photographer/Videographer must apply to a representative of each Organising Committee for permission to take photographs at a Point-to-Point fixture. Each fixture should provide them with an outline of what will and will not be permissible. Conditions The Organising Committee […]

Information for riders

RIDERS’ EQUIPMENT Body Protectors - A body protector MUST conform to (BS) EN 13158: 2009 or CSN EN 13158: 2009. Skull Caps - All jockeys in Britain must wear a skull cap that meets either PAS015:2011 or (BS) EN 1384: 2012. The latter standard will be withdrawn as an acceptable standard under the Rules of […]

Regulation changes for next season

The Regulations and Instructions for Point-to-Point Steeple Chases 2015/16 will be available on the website from 8th October.   Please find below some of the key amendments to the Point-to-Point Regulations for the 2015-16 season: 1. ELIGIBILITY – The dates for eligibility roll forward in line with the 2015/16 season. 2. PENALTIES, WEIGHTS & ALLOWANCES […]


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